Class Procedures

1.  The staff at ATADC will be wearing face masks.  Dancers are NOT required to, but are able to if desired.
2. Everyone’s temperature will be taken (by a touchless thermometer) before they are allowed entry to the studio.
3. Upon arrival please wait on the socially distanced markers outside of the studio.
4.  In the lobby there are spaced chairs if you need to sit to switch your shoes.  There is NO use of the dressing areas. 
5.  Please arrive dressed and ready for class, you will have a small space marked by your 6X6 dance space where you can place items (water bottle).
6.  There will be no use of the bubbler (Water fountain) so please bring your own water.  
7.  Please follow the arrows to enter the studio space and abide by the 6 foot distancing guideline.
8.  ONLY dancers will be allowed in the studio at this point.  If parents would like to make a payment, have a question, or need any other assistance please reach out via email or phone. 
9. Please do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes to your class and be promptly picked up after class.  There will be no hanging out in the lobby, or outside of the studio (unless socially distanced). 
10. Bathroom use is for emergency use only.  
11. Of course if you are feeling symptomatic, or anyone in your family is, or if you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, please stay home and self quarantine until you have a negative test.
Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized between each class, and hand sanitizer is as readily available as it was before, as I was a freak about that already!! 🙂 
Please abide by these rules, I know it isn’t ideal, but if this is what we need to do to be in the studio together I know we can do it!!
We will not be holding in studio conditioning classes as the limit of students is too high.
Classes will be also be offered by Zoom for those who are more comfortable participating at home.